Pipeline Data Collection

Pipeline Data Collection


American Piping Inspection stands ready to assist with pipeline data collection survey and tracking services. We have a team of qualified surveyors that can assist with preconstruction, construction, post-construction, and regulatory maintenance needs from our clients. We can provide these services using survey equipment that is sub-meter or sub-centimeter accuracy.

Pipeline Data Collection

Make Ready for ILI tool runs

Pig Tracking

AGM Surveys

Locate Steel Pipelines

Pulp & Paper

GPS (Submeter to sub-centimeter)

Produce Alignment Sheets

Perform Depth of Cover Surveys

Perform Right-of-Way Assessments

Prepare Span & Exposure Reports

GIS Systems

Stake Anomaly Dig Locations

Overhead Structure Inspection & Reporting

HDD and Bore Staking

Sign Marking

Construction Staking

As-built Surveys

Topo Surveys

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We look forward to providing a complete solution to your needs with quality, value, and integrity.