Metallurgical Services



American Piping Inspections’ Metallurgical Laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited through A2LA and offers many services to ensure your product meets your quality requirements. Through our highly skilled personnel, we offer the following tests:

Metallurgical Services​

Tensile (round, full-section, and rectangular

Bend Testing

Charpy Impact (-320°F to +80°F) V & U notch specimens

Nick Break

Fracture Test

Pipe Flare and Flange

Proof Loading

Hardness Testing (Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers, & Knoop)

Metallurgical Preparation and Examination

Microstructure Examination

Grain Size

Coating Thickness

Chemical Analysis by OES (including nitrogen)

Case Depth

Charpy Impact (-320°F to +80°F) V & U notch specimens

Laboratory Heat Treat

Failure Analysis

Corrosion Testing

Proof Loading

NDE (Liquid Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, Ultrasonic, Visual)


Inspection / Weld Shop

American Piping Inspection has a team of Certified Weld Inspectors that perform commercial building inspection, welder monitoring, and can help train your welders.

Weld monitoring onsite or offsite by CWI (Certified Welding Inspector)

Structural integrity of commercial building and bridges

Multiple welding booths set up in-house with GMAW, FCAW, GTAW, and SMAW processes

Oklahoma state / Steam card testing

Consulting Services

American Piping Inspection is here to help with their decades of experience. We offer many consulting services within quality assurance, welding, and metallurgical industries.

ISO 9001, ISO 17025, AS9100 audit readiness

Metallurgical, welding, and quality consultation

Quality Control Document Generation

Code stamp audit and readiness

Generation of WPS, PQR, and WPQ using CEI ProWrite software

And More

We are proud to be American owned and operated.​

We look forward to providing a complete solution to your needs with quality, value, and integrity.