American Piping Inspection can provide Pipeline Integrity support Identification, and evaluation of anomalies on pipelines using NDE Non-Destructive Evaluation.

We Conduct validation of ILI (In Line Inspection) tool which includes assessments of:Corrosion, Dents / Deformation areas, Gouges, SCC (Stress Corrosion Cracking), Long seam defects, and Sizing of Long Seam defects.

American Piping Inspection’s technicians are all trained in pipeline specific techniques and field conditions. Equipped with a mobile office our technicians can provide their findings right in the field with minimal delay to your project. As always American Piping Inspection will handle you project with integrity with safety being our number one concern.

NDE Services:

  • Mag Particle Inspection
  • Ultrasonic (Straight Beam and Shear Wave)
  • Phased Array evaluation and encoded inspection of Long Seam anomalies
  • PH results of dig
  • Pipe to Soil of dig
  • Resistivity results of dig
  • RT
  • Corrosion Mapping with Phased Array CmapsMapRover System